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Relieve GI Distress
Relieve GI Distress

How long have you been suffering from chronic constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, stomach pains or IBS? 


How many vacations, dates, classes and outings have been interrupted because of it?


Countless women and men of all ages have come to me following years of doctor visits and diets, incredibly frustrated that GI distress was dictating their lifestyles. They had basically accepted the physical and social discomfort as part of their routine. 


Together, we discovered their new normal - one that allowed for dining out with friends, road trips and feeling comfortable and confident. 

"Maureen educated me about the powerful effects of eating well and she helped me choose medical tests (all while staying within my budget) that led to a deeper understanding of my food sensitivities that had been causing digestive issues for many years."

- Kailey, 28

Discover your path to a new normal with Maureen
Ready to discover your new normal?

Through a combination of personalized and GI-specific lab testing and diet and lifestyle analysis, we get to the root cause of your GI distress. Then, we tailor a program to heal your gut and put you on a path to your new normal. 

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