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Detox & Cleanse
Detox & Cleanse

Create your new normal

Have you been experiencing muscle aches, constipation or diarrhea, weight gain, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, or general discomfort with your body that’s been happening so consistently you’ve just accepted it as normal?


It is not normal, and you don’t have to accept it.  


A detox (also called a cleanse) will kickstart your transition to a new normal.


The detox process

We will create a 14-day plan tailored to you. The plan is designed to nourish your body and to enhance its natural process of metabolic detoxification. We’ll give your body the nudge and support it needs to get back on track. 


A detox is not a diet or a fast. Throughout the detox your diet will include healthy meals (I’ll give you some easy recipes) and smoothies. We’ll also introduce supplements that will ease the burden on your vital detoxifying organs including your liver, lungs, colon, lymph and even your skin. 

“I lost weight, and I’m still eating a lot of vegetables…and no bread and sugar!”"

- Don, 54

Kickstart your new normal through a detox with Maureen

How can you expect to feel after a detox? 


Your path is individualized, but common results experienced by Maureen’s clients include: higher energy, a boost in positivity, reduced anxiety, weight loss, and reduced cravings.

Ready to detox with Maureen?
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