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Eat Better


If you want to improve your nutrition or lose weight, but you don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. Between fad diets, contradictory medical advice and our busy lifestyles, it’s so hard to know what (and who) to trust. 


When I work with women and men, I trust their bodies. As a nutritionist and certified nutrition therapy practitioner, I provide more than guidance - I provide support and counseling to help my clients reach their goals. There is no one single solution for a healthy diet - no magical number of calories, diet plan, hours of the day or any other one-size-fits-all approach. Together, we discover what's best for you and your body.  

"Maureen helped me incorporate into my unique lifestyle, the changes that will help me succeed with my long-term health/body/weight goals."

- Grace, 66

Discover your path to eating better with Maureen 

Together, we will examine where you are now, through diet and lifestyle analysis as well as functional nutritional lab testing. We’ll discover what’s working and what isn’t to give you a true picture of your current diet and eating habits. Then, we’ll discuss your goals and lifestyle and create a plan that fits your life and advances your health goals. You aren't on this health and healing journey alone - I'll be your guide and coach, supporting you every step of the way.

Ready to eat better?
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