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5 Detox Myths Debunked

Detox is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit, particularly with people looking to shed some pounds quickly. But, definitions for detox vary widely. Some will say it is fasting for weeks or longer. Others consider it replacing two meals with a smoothie. And there are still others who go into starvation mode and call it a detox or cleanse.

Detox is actually a clinical practice, designed to nurture your body, not punish it. An effective detox is gentle and moderate, ridding the body of toxins it was exposed to through the environment, food, chemicals and other unavoidable sources.

When you hear “detox” I want you to think of rejuvenation. The problem is, common assumptions about the process more likely evoke feelings of dread. Let’s take care of that.

Here are five common myths about detox we can lay to rest right now:

Myth #1: I will have to give up all the foods I love.

A proper detox is not a fast. You don’t spend your day tethered to a juice bottle and feel so starved by bedtime that you’re ready to eat your own hand! Both plant and animal foods will be part of your tasty diet, eliminating only certain foods during the 14-day detox.

Myth #2: Everyone should do a detox.

A detox should be a customized plan for an individual. It is not a one-size-fits-all, and is not necessarily appropriate for everyone.

While most people can safely benefit from a gentle detox, certain medical conditions (for example, pregnancy), illnesses (for example, you just got over the flu or bronchitis) or diseases that require a lot of prescription drugs result in imbalances in the body that should be resolved before beginning a detox.

Myth #3: Your body detoxes itself.

In an ideal world, with a perfectly controlled environment, this would be mostly true. Unfortunately, we are exposed to toxins beyond our control. This is true today more than ever before. Food, beauty and cleaning products, the environment… they all have their fair share of toxins. All of these factors contribute to the overload our bodies endure and is possibly why you regularly feel sluggish, achy and foggy.

Myth #4: People quit the detox before it ends.

There are many detoxes out there from countless sources. A quick scan on Google or Facebook will bring up dozens of options of plans that are called a “detox.” Many of these are so extreme, not comprehensive, or completely ignore the body’s natural detoxification abilities that they do make it difficult to follow.

My clients feel it was much easier than they thought (mind over matter)! They could feel the difference in their bodies throughout the two-week period, constantly boosting their motivation to continue. The most important thing is making the commitment. I don’t stress perfection. As with most aspects of your health and healing, it’s a journey and something to enjoy and learn from. You’ll learn what works for you and what feels good (not like a punishment!) so you’re better equipped to treat your body better moving forward and be a pro the next time you do a detox.

Myth #5: You know the detox is working if you feel miserable.

I hope not! In fact, if you’re miserable, then the detox plan is not appropriate for you and we need to modify your program. I fully support my clients in their detox process, including the right preparation, supplements, food options and practices that help the body naturally and gently detoxify. I will be in your corner for motivation, to answer any questions, and to review how you’re feeling in case we need to modify anything.

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