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Empowered to make healthy food choices

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Barb learned how to eat food that made her feel vital - and you can too!

Barb is single and works long hours. By the time she gets home, the last thing she wants to do is cook a meal just for her. As a result, she generally picks up take-out 3-5 times each week.

She is active when she can find the time, and tries to make smart choices when ordering from the restaurant menus. She skips pastas and heavy fried foods, often opting for a salad.

Keeping her weight down, however, has become more and more of a challenge since she entered her fifties.

She feels she makes the right choices, but isn’t seeing results and is incredibly frustrated.

Boy, who can’t relate to Barb?!?

As soon as I talked with Barb about the Rebalance Your Body detox program, I knew she could benefit immensely. She needed the opportunity to learn how to recognize exactly what she was putting into her body, so she could make more conscious decisions. She cares about her health, and tries to make good choices, but what she didn’t know was hurting her.

Throughout the detox program, I shared recipes for meals that could be made ahead and tweaked from day-to-day to keep preparation time minimal. We talked about the hidden toxins in many restaurant meals – yes, even salads– and how these can sabotage otherwise healthy lifestyles.

Barb came out of the detox cleansed, better-informed, and equipped to make more conscious decisions about her nutrition moving forward.

“I was hesitant to do a detox because I assumed I would be hungry all the time and that I would not like the food I needed to eat. Neither of these things was true. There were lots of choices and Maureen provided great recipes which have become part of my normal eating routine.”

I am thrilled for Barb – she deserves to feel vital and is firmly on that path.

Don’t you deserve it, too?

Are you ready to make more conscious and healthy decisions about the food you eat?

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